Magdalena Bandera Conejo better known as Magda Bandera, is one of the founders of the magazine La Marea, this medium that has a monthly circulation on paper and works daily in the digital space, emerged under the umbrella of a cooperative of publishers and readers that was formed to trying to get hold of Público newspaper. Since it was not finally possible La Marea was launched.

Since 2015 Magda Bandera directs this magazine whose editorial principles are: freedom, equality, secularism, the defense of the public, the sovereignty of peoples, a just economy, democratic regeneration and the denunciation of the illegitimacy of the monarchy, historic memory, free culture, dignified labour and housing as well as respect for the environment. This medium also opts for its economic independence, so that its income comes mainly from subscriptions, and advertising has to conform to the ethical principles of the magazine.

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