Philippe Corcuff is a member of the Center for Research in Social Sciences (CERLIS), located in Paris. This center focuses on three major problems: social bond and categorization, social bond and culture and social bond and individualization.

The commitment of CERLIS is characterized, with a demanding sociological approach, by not yielding to the academic criteria of the discipline’s scientificity. This is demonstrated by the academic positions of the members, their publications and their support, as well as with acquired institutional commitments. CERLIS is strongly integrated into the training activities of the two universities in Paris: Descartes and Sorbonne Nouvelle. This contributes to their vitality, their influence and the dissemination of the work they produce. It benefits from the contributions of the master’s students that it regularly welcomes and of the numerous Doctorate students led by one of the members of CERLIS.

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Interview to Philippe Corcuff


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